Usually a sore throat is referred to the problems you have in your throat or tonsils. It can be anything from itchiness to pain or having problem eating food. In most cases, patients feel pain when they eat any food or need to speak loud but there are some cases in which they feel constant pain and even swallowing water causes it in the throat. Chest pain is a very common illness in which a person feels constant or periodic pain in his chest. It’s usually around the breast or in between the chest and the stomach. Before you think you have chest pain, make sure that it’s not in your stomach which is a common thing when you eat abnormally or drink too much water after a heavy meal.

Here are some common causes of sore throat:

  1. Some kind of viral infection:
    Most of the time, sore throat is caused by any kind of viral infection you have. It could be a simple cough, influenza or any of other common cold problems. It’s a good thing that in most cases, it disappears in few days if you treat it in the right way and only eat food that you are advised to.
    Kissing disease is also a major cause of sore throat. If your partner is having any kind of viral infection, it’s common that you will be affected too.
  2. Bacterial infection:
    If you are having tonsils problem, it can cause sore throat too. If you work in an environment where bacteria are founded, you will be affected with minor problems related to sore throat. In bacterial infection, if you have sexual intercourse with a partner who has any kind of bacterial infection, chances are that it will be transferred to your body too.
  3. Open wounds or severe injury:
    An injury or a wound on your face or back of the neck can cause sore throat too.
    There are many other causes of sore throat including humidity problem, smoking or drinking and constantly yelling at workplaces.

Here are common causes of chest pain:

  1. Cardiac problems:
    There are many other causes to chest pain but the most important and common one is by having any cardiac problem. If your cholesterol level is increased and you are on a diet, it seems that you are having the chest pains due to the heart problems. Usually it’s not that serious if your cardiac illness is being operated but if you are not on any medication, you should visit a doctor and find out the real causes. Visit for a AARP supplement plan quote
  2. Having cold or cough for long time:
    Cold is one of the common causes of having chest pains. When you have cough or influenza for a long time and you are not treating it any way, your chest may starts hurting sometimes. It’s not serious and as soon your cough is cured, chances are that the chest pain will also disappear.
  3. Spine problems:
    If you are working in a situation where you stand for a long time or sit on a chair which doesn’t have good Lombard support, you may feel your chest is hurting. This mainly happens when a person is having some kind of spinal cord pain in his back.